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space shuttle
Atlantis: who will return to earth on the space shuttle" duty
In extensive network Beijing on July 22nd news according to the voice of China" global Chinese network" report, Beijing time yesterday evening, the U.S. space shuttle Atlantis landed, the United States up to 30 years in the shuttle era officially ended. The United States since 1972, invested heavily in the shuttle conducts the research, has produced 6 shuttles, respectively is the" enterprise"," on the" Challenger"Hong Kong Company Columbia" number, number," found" number," Atlantis" and" progressive". The shuttle is full of the sense of science and technology shapes represent the highest level of Aerospace Science and technology. Its image is also widely appeared in Hollywood films in various tracts, in" impact" in driving the shuttle astronaut, flew to pose the threat to the earth of the comet, in flying gravel, hot gas eruption environment implemented in the bomb explosion. However, in reality, the shuttle can only do low-altitude flight, unable to fly to deep space; it was not so strong, a fuel box outer foam shedding leads to" Columbia number" return to earth explosion. 30 years practice makes clear, it is neither money nor safe, leaving only the astronauts comfortable and capable of carrying two benefits. Due to high cost, the United States decided to suspend the shuttle engineering.
The shuttle is retired now, who will succeed, connect the voice of military observer Liang Yongchun:
Moderator: Hello Liang Yongchun! The shuttle is retired, the next five years the United States can only turn to Russia, but since 2004 the United States announced the end of the shuttle program since, Russia has been carrying U.S. astronaut launch costs 8 degree increases, you think in the next five years of cooperation between the two sides will go?
Liang Yongchun: I think Russia even in their own spacecraft project raises the price, also did not affect American collaboration. Because the United States has rented Russian alliance TM series of spacecraft is to send astronauts to the international space station up, the United States after the shuttle is retired this task only a Russian to bear. Of course, taylor made suits the United States is not the technical ability, but it is now such a project to share to others take the economically more cost-effective. Because under the influence of the financial crisis on NASA's funding is limited, it must be the contraction front to ensure that key, now it is the focus of beyond Earth orbit of deep space exploration project, such as landing on Mars, such as detecting extrasolar space and so on, so the United States did not have now from earth orbit spaceship, the Russian spacecraft lower prices, the price a little the United States can bear. Now,what is mutual fund the European Space Agency and the Japanese space agency also are stepping up the development of spacecraft, and the private companies are in development to and from earth orbit as space bus, these products will be in the next few years will be put into application, so the Russians nor price oneself out of the market, not to the formation of the United States to restrict, America and Russia in aerospace field or cooperation rather than competition.
Moderator: the United States government commitment, in after the shuttle retires, will encourage the private enterprises to build and launch a variety of spacecraft. For example, lease private spacecraft astronaut to the international space station, ordinary people aboard the spacecraft two space travel, do you think the feasibility of how much?
Liang Yongchun: I think the government encourages is one thing, the company put into the project can earn is another question.LED Lights Supplier I do not favor the US private company why previous spacecraft, countries in the world in the field of aerospace is national investment and enterprise behavior? Partly because the space project too vast, from individual enterprise to cast up, partly because the benefits of aerospace engineering is a system, it is difficult to rely on a project to make money, like ten years ago, the American millionaire Tito from his waist Bao Hua $twenty million ride on a Russian spacecraft space, at that time, many companies feel jealous, feel that space travel is one of the business have good prospects of gain, but in fact because of space project it is a system engineering, a company you can design and build a ship, but let it fly up the space to other system support, for example to rely on launch systems, to rely on carrier rocket system, measurement and control communication system. To maintain such a large system how to calculate the cost? How to distribute the profit? Specific to build ships of a company but also how much money? Aerospace engineering can not only see a high return, also must see to it that high investment and high risk, in the long run, aerospace engineering is still the state behavior.Problems and benefit of Offshore Company
Liang Yongchun:" Orion" spacecraft NASA design a new generation of spacecraft, its primary mission is to return astronauts to the moon, if it is possible to fly to mars. It 's another notable feature is that it has strong maneuverability, it can fly to earth's orbit on the ground at a distance of 300 kilometers high docked at the international space station, and then to 380000 km away from the moon, this flight is the previous manned spacecraft can do that. The United States last century manned lunar landing is the use of a Luo Bo series of spacecraft, Orion from design to be much more advanced than its predecessor, but its development and experiment has been less successful, reportedly in the design is still exists some defects, the original plan was to Orion in 2015 flight, from the current progress to see if I could time test is hard to say. The main reason is lack of money, Tin Box because the United States is now in the field of aerospace is one branch alone beautiful, without the pressure of competition from other countries, so the United States now need to spend so much money to return to the moon or even engage in manned missions to Mars? In the United States Congress and the government has been controversial, but anyway, Orion is following the space shuttle after a very exciting spacecraft, it represents the pursue of human beings to the universe, so we should wish it.
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