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coherent of design

The station that raises you orders function of had better the method is the consistency of customer's interface.Email Marketing The chemical element structure uses again, designing of chemical element and habit of assigning name to is getting more abundant usage door attention of information that order to inform to the station while leading to their targets, and this is also advantageous to the maintenance that the station orders.You can order in the usage small film(Smart Clip) in the whole station repeated the usage hand over a chemical element with each other, can also make writing and picture of first navigation system re- used in the target page.ink box

Don't excessively use an animation
Avoid an otiose animation.The best animation should is the animation of designs target that cans increase to stand to order and relates a story or helpful affair while navigating.Will make the view transfered from the news at including the animation that a great deal of literalness page usage repeats.

Careful usage voice
Voice can for you of the station order add flowers to brocade but will never be necessary.For example:Use voice to explain that the customer just triggered for a time.Switch and volume that ensured to use voice's regulating a method, and wanting to remember voice will show the size of the increment document of Zhao.When you really used voice of time, Macromedia Flash will convert into voice to MP3 the documents even flow medium to turn.toner

Face to the customer of low bandwidth
The more little download is more good.The download page size that the beginning starts can not include all Macromedia documents, picture and HTML over the 40 Ks document.For the sake of decrease download time, use vector sketch(unless the picture made to once compress of BMP, had better still keep for BMP a format so), and only just use the action of Load Movie when what customer made sure wants to use a certain document.If the customer has to wait for and provide a time sequence and progress for loading, as long as may, have to ahead load navigation system inside 5.

The usability of design
Ensure you of the contents ability of station point is read by all customers and include those disable and sick customers.The high usage ALT label can ensure contents in the website to be lent support to a tool explanation.website designThe film can zoom sex is another Macromedia special feature that easily use that makes the multiuser understood contents in the website.If needing an exhaustive contents of Macromedia Flash can be used a sexual discussion, pleasing land Macromedia Flash can be used sex website.

Can use sex test
Make some new hands come to visit to ask a station to order and complete customer's target and station to order a target in the meantime.Even brief animations of Macromedia Flash all probably impede a customer to carry out a target, so use the Flash bandwidth emulator(Bandwidth Profiler-translate to note)(while seeing the test film mode of diagram menu) of Macromedia analytical the station order the function under the different bandwidth mode.Again test film each time which afraid is pimping to change to move.The ensured to stand to order tester has from the demographer conforms to stand to order of schedule to the customer- especially schedule to the customer order to the station of navigate the satisfied degree of having different Class.led grow lights
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