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bill influences negative
Multinational public thinks that the American rate of exchange bill influences negative
England ˇ¶financial Times ˇ·international economy edit moxa Lun ·Betty said, the United States Upper House pass of ˇ¶the currency rate of exchange inspect reform bill in 2011 ˇ·if don't do any improvise,Safety surface this bill then is passed in Lower House, and become the possibility of formal law in the short run very low.Moxa Lun ·Betty points out, some councilmen in the United States because of worrying to the United States and Korea, Columbia and Panama of three the bilateral free-trade agreement hurl approving the ticket will infuriate hold protection doctrine of votes, therefore feel the rate of exchange bill that have to support to aim at China, attack the position of China by enunciation, this exchanges not obviously worthwhile.Betty points out that supporting the rate of exchange bill may develop an everyone whom new front with continuous dispute probably influence global economy in the international rate of exchange war.To free trade, this bill total influence is negative, the personage of real advocacy free trade should recognize pure this.

The British hurl went Ba Ke Lai's capital to release a report to say, American Upper House approved renminbi rate of exchange bill unpopular, that bill worsenned cooperation atmosphere while Central America and most needing to be cooperated, the United States adopted of any punishment's acting may bring revenge.The report points out that of so say that bill is unpopular, because under the current global economy situation, beautiful in two countries need joint effort most and keep global economy from getting bogged down in two declines.Ba Ke Lai expects under the sistuation that soft China lands, the currency appreciation can keep on an opposite quicker orbit, renminbi anticipates to 5% in every year to the appreciation of the dollar or so.Stadium seatingThat report thinks that Ba Ke Lai's capital believes the rate of exchange bill can't become a policy, then can take effect because of still needing Lower House approval and president's signing.


Not should again to global economy add in disorder

This report Paris gives or gets an electric shock a reporter the beard Bo Feng report way:the United States Upper House voted to pass relevant renminbi rate of exchange bill recently, reporter now the matter covered experienced medium of here economic problem person Suo thin lady.She said that the renminbi rate of exchange bill of American Upper House evens if pass,still wants to decide after Lower House and the approval of signing of president.She thinks, "this suggestion will result in disaster trade war, if thus all have no advantage to anyones".She points out in the meantime that know to all, related bill only under the sistuation that the Senate and House all is passed for 2/3 majority, the president then can sign.Therefore, don't expel the United States to keep the bill of pointing renminbi rate of exchange this time to fail ending.

Here analyze a personage to as well point out moreover, economic environment in the world is complicated nowadays, is implicated by economic crisis, all countries' recovering footstep doesn't exert a homology as well.Especially say for Europe, more have much heavy pressure dint of obligation crisis and sovereignty credit crisis, all countries should hold hands at this moment should to crisis but not is make more"confusion".

South Africa:

For cater to a local election demand

This report Si fortress inside John gives or gets an electric shock the report way of reporter, Ma Hai Liang, :The rate of exchange bill that American Upper House passes causes a deep concern in the South African financial circles.Standard & Chartered Bank China Africa board director general manager George ·Luo at accept a reporter interview point out, this is completely a bill that takes political motive as a predominance to pass.Currently, the election is close by in 2012, while the American obligation crisis make overcast economic American foreground indetermination enlargement, the United States Republican party and democracy parties all at economic problem last game.George ·Luo said, the politician of the United States' lacking to know to press renminbi appreciation with in the economist not didn't have the person of advantage to the American economy, but proceeded from the demand of politics and election, they would not like to to American people importance of elucidation renminbi stability to American economy, but make use of the medium untrue data to exaggerate China to intentionally depress renminbi rate of exchange.

George ·Luo think, now that the essence of problem is political need, attaining the political effect for exerting pressure is targetHTPC Keyboards, so American bill of Upper House can't walk too far and Central America the explosion trade war of the possibility is not big either.Who all know Central America economic mutual participation degree is very high and punish China with the rate of exchange of also is punishing a business enterprise of the United States at R.O.C and purchase the common American consumer of of good quality but inexpensive merchandise in China in the meantime.If Central America the trade fight explosion, it result can be a nobody wins.Currently global economy recession is Central America the main engine that pushes a world economy growth, Central America if beat trade war will produce the tremendous negative effect on world economy.George ·Luo said, American Upper House pressed renminbi appreciation through a bill to make the Chinese investor see further is in the enlargement to the risk of beautiful investment.In the meantime, Europe is under the shadow of obligation crisis and invest environment is also worsenning.But the investment environment of Africa be year by year improving, the investment repay rate is farer high than other regions.Under this big background, the investment direction of China will adjust gradually, China will enlarge the investment toward Africa.
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